FerQuan Warns Of His ‘Heartless’ Behavior In New Video 


Nearly eighteen years removed from when Quan (aka FerQuan) first exploded onto the scene on Nas‘s hit “Just A Moment“, the former Ill Will Records signee prepares the King Quan Project, which will include two new EPs: Barz and Balladz. First up is the Barz EP, which is set to see a limited release this Friday (2/25/2022). Today (3/21/2022), the Virginia representative shares the music video for the EP’s second single, “Heartless“. The high-energy track produced by Eddie Bandup is as menacing as Quan’s lyrics. “Me and my homies, we get heartless/ f*** around and turn you ‘to a target”, Quan warns on the hook that channels Rap auto-tune godfather Future

When I was in the jungle, I was never really a troublemaker. But there were times when I realized people in the streets only respect two things: money and violence. At the time, my circumstances and headspace drove me to be heartless. The concept of the video highlights just how heartless the world is today. From kids being desensitized to the sight a dead body, police brutality, self-hate, and how we are basically putting drugs into the hands of kids.” – FerQuan

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Best known for his 2005 hit with Nas, “Just A Moment,” rapper, singer/songwriter, self-taught multi-instrumentalist and producer, Quan (aka FerQuan, fka Don FerQuan) has been championed by his hometown of Newport “Bad News,” Virginia and Hip-Hop heads around the country. A reformed street hustler, Quan channels the traumatizing experiences of his former lifestyle into soulful Hip-Hop and R&B. From facing life imprisonment at age 16, parenthood, and the death of his son, Quan bares his heart and soul in his music, yielding rare grit and authenticity. Since his run with Nas in the early aughts, the former Ill Will Records signee and pioneering rapping singer has gone on to collaborate with Pusha TAce HoodAsher RothRapper Big Pooh (of Little Brother), Nottz, among others. Quan released his full-length debut album Walking Testimony in 2009, and after releasing several mixtapes followed up with his sophomore effort Point of No Return in 2017, all under his own imprint Kingz Nation Entertainment. His song “Amerikka’s Pie” landed on season five of HBO’s classic series The Wire, while his song “Warriorz Way” served as the theme music for Netflix’s 2016 film The Hurt Business. Quan’s music also served as the soundtrack for other films such as Ronnie Coleman: The King (“Flexin on Them”) , Dorian Yates: the monster of mass (“Blood n Gutz”), and Generation Iron part 1, 2 (“All It Takes”),3, and part 4.

As of late, the self-proclaimed “Rap-Sing King” has been busy penning his memoir, modeling, acting, and preparing the ’King Quan Project’, which includes two new EPs (Barz and Balladz). Quan was recently cast in a starring role in the regional stage production of Chaos in the House and plays the role of late rapper Tupac Shakur in the upcoming Andre Rison biopic Wide Open (based on the book of the same name). Quan’s Kingz Nation imprint has also grown to incorporate real estate, which includes a multimedia facility in Atlanta, Georgia, fully equipped with a barbershop, salon, film and recording studio, marketing center, and hookah lounge. 

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